Safe Betting Sites:

safe betting sites

Safe Betting sites: Safe bitcoin sports betting is the dream of every bettor. Who does not want to bet with the security of making money? Here we explain everything you need to know about safe bets.

How to find Safe Betting Sites?

Finding safe bets is not an easy task, because the bookmakers logically try to avoid them at all costs. However, there are certain situations where you are most likely to find them:

– Minority sports: in this type of sports, bookmakers do not adjust their quotas so much or bettors tend to balance markets quickly.

– Lower categories: for a reason similar to the previous circumstance, in the lower categories of any sport there are usually more errors in the quotas.

– First installments: knowing at what exact moment the bookmakers take their odds for a certain moment is key to take advantage of possible mismatches.

– Direct: during a live event the circumstances can change very quickly and not all houses adjust the quotas at the same moment.

Safe Betting Sites
Safe Betting Sites

How to place safe sports bets?

The time has come to bet and to allocate the amounts of money to each quota so that whatever happens, benefits are achieved. But how much to bet? How do I distribute it? The first thing to do is decide what amount we want to play for any fee, although it is preferable to be the lowest.

Safe bets, how to identify them?

To recognize a safe bet we must look at the odds that bookmakers offer for a given event. These quotas express a very easy probability to calculate with the following formula:

100 / share = probability in%

To know if we are facing a safe bet, we must convert the odds into the probability they express and add them. If the sum is below 100 we have found a safe bet.