NBA Betting:

NBA Betting

NBA Betting: Basketball is famous for being one of the most exciting sports in the world. It is one of the intense games from start to finish with spectacular plays that follow one after the other with no continuity solution.

And if we talk about betting in the NBA, the interest increases even more. The NBA is undoubtedly the most competitive basketball league in the world, and the best basketball players on the planet face it.

The NBA offers a wonderful show every day to fans who visit American stadiums, and to all bettors who enjoy basketball betting online on the Lakers’ victory, to take an example.

NBA Betting for beginners:

NBA rules are no different from those of the European basketball championships, but:

– The size of the court is greater.

– Each match is made up of 4 quarters of 12 minutes each.

– There are 30 teams in the league, divided into two conferences (the East and the West).

– Each team plays an impressive 82 games a year.

NBA Betting
NBA Betting

NBA Betting – Available bets:


As in most popular sports, even in the NBA, the most basic classic bet is who will win when the 48 minutes of the game is over. Remember that if you bet on a tie, what matters is the score at the end of the 4 quarters, not after overtime.


In this case H2H, what matters is the result at the end of normal time, if a team has scored more points, or the result after extra time if there is a tie.

Therefore, the bets available are only for the victory or defeat of both teams.

1X2 with handicap:

Handicap betting is slightly more advanced than classic 1X2. It is taking into account that a positive or negative marker assigns to one of the two teams at the beginning of the match.