What does Over Under mean in football betting?

What does Over Under mean in football betting?

What does Over Under mean in football betting? In Over / Under online betting bitcoin, we make a prediction that the total number, goals, points, games, etc. of a match exceeds (Over / More than). Or does not exceed (Under / Less than) the bookmaker’s forecast.

What does Over Under mean in football betting?

The main reason is the fact that it is very easy to understand. Although to make an accurate forecast it is necessary to make an estimate, some even use historical data for this, of the possible result.

For betting houses, this type of format is one of the best because, together with the sports line, it generates a greater flow of money.

This translates into more economic benefits for both parties because being a widely used type of bet, there are also higher profits.

Understanding how it works is very simple because, it is about exceeding or falling below the bookmaker’s estimate, Over / Under.

For example, if we bet on an Over, we will have to exceed the number set by the bookmaker. That is, the result will have to be greater than that floor, so to speak.

What does Over Under mean in football betting?
Over Under Meaning

There are 3 types of Over / Under bets:

1. Classic: The Classic Over / Under betting system is the most widely used in bookmakers. This sets the floor or ceiling (limit to exceed or not to exceed) with average numbers, for example, 2.5, 1.5 or 4.5.

2. Whole lines: This is one of the types of Over / Under bets that most benefit the user because here you do not have to do intermediate calculations. We only have integers that must exceed or below. For example, 1, 4, 6 and 3. Learn more about over under here.

3. Intermediate lines: Over / Under bets with intermediate lines are usually more complicated since we not only have numbers with more decimals. 2.75 for example, here the results change according to the number. For example, if we have 2.75 and our team scores 3 goals, half the bet is returned to us and the other half will generate profit.