European Handicap means what?

European Handicap means what?

European Handicap means what? In the world of bitcoin sports betting, European Handicap is one type of bet. It is also popular as the 3-way handicap because it always offers you 3 bets for each event.

You can choose to bet on the weakest team with a handicap advantage, to do it on the strongest team with a handicap, or to a draw. This third option is the main difference between European and Asian Handicap.

European Handicap means what?

The most obvious difference between these two types of bet is that the European Handicap offers the bettor the option of a tie. With the Asian Handicaps, you will only have two possibilities and, if the event ends in a tie, the fund’s bet will return to you.

For example, an Asian Handicap market version like the one before would be:

Team A (+1) 2.35

Team B (-1) 1.65

With the Asian Handicap, if Team B wins by one goal, the bet would not be a winner, but the bettor would recover what was played. As a result, the Asian Handicaps express themselves in “half goals” to eliminate the possibility of a tie, while the European always indicates full goals.

European Handicap means what
European Handicap

European Handicap is easier to understand:

It would also be fair to indicate that the European Handicap is easier to understand than the Asian Handicap, which has more varieties. Some bettors prefer the Asian Handicap for having only two betting options. In general, opting for one or the other is a purely personal matter.

The European Handicap is a good way to start in this type of betting for those who want to try something different from the traditional markets. Since they do not use “half goals”, it is easier to understand than the Asian Handicap. Taking into account the 3 possibilities of result in a soccer match, it will be easier to follow the bet.

It is very useful for games where you can make a profit if you know how to gauge the superiority of one or the other team. Furthermore, it is an important part of the betting strategy of soccer.