If you are in the world of Sports Betting, you must have heard about “Over” and “Under” which is essential for you to know. So today here we will learn What does Over Under mean?

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Over and under bet

What does Over and Under mean?

How to read betting lines? An over and under bet is extremely popular with sports tasters and a very simple variant, especially in football bets. It is not the exact final result is typed, but whether the final result and especially the number of goals in the game is above or below a value determined by the bookmaker.

But not only on the number of goals in a football match can be typed with over / under bets, but with many bookmakers e.g. also on the number of yellow cards in the game, the number of corner kicks, the number of substitutions and so on.

Question and Answer :

The simple answer to the question of What does Over Under mean is one of the most popular of all betting markets. Sport weather can thus put in a variety of variants on a specific incident in a game. The most popular is the tip of the number of goals during a football game. For example, bookmakers set the number 2.5. The users can now decide if they type “Over”, i.e. more than 2.5 or “Under”, less than 2.5 goals in the game. So the success of an Over or Under bet does not depend on whether the team you bet on before actually wins in the end.

That’s what makes the over-under bet so popular. Almost every competitor has ever tipped over or under.

And for a simple reason: Contrary to the normal single bets, where either Team 1 can win, the game draws or Team 2 wins, Over / Under has only two chances to win: over or under. In addition, it does not matter how exactly the game ends and who emerges victorious. For example, in the case of over / under bets on goals, only the number of goals scored in the match is relevant.

When does the Over bet win?

An overbet wins whenever more than the given number of hits are scored. For example, if you type in over 2.5 goals, you will have to lose more than 2.5, i.e. at least 3 goals, throughout the game. How many more goals this is and who has scored and when does not matter for the win.

Some examples to illustrate Over:

Default value: 2.5 – Tip: Over (+) – Game outcome: 2: 1 = won

Predetermined value: 1.5 – Tip: Over (+) – Game outcome: 4: 1 = won

Default value: 3.5 – Tip: Over (+) – Game output: 2: 1 = lost

Default value: 3.5 – Tip: Over (+) – Game outcome: 2: 2 = won

When does the sub-bet win?

The sub-bet logically denotes exactly the opposite of the over-bet. This is always considered correct if less than the specified number of hits is achieved. For example, if you tap under 2.5 goals, you will have to score less than 2.5, that is 2, 1 or 0 goals, throughout the game. The correct number of goals scored less than 2.5, as well as their shooters and the exact outcome of the game are not important here either.

Some examples to illustrate Under:

Default value: 2.5 – Tip: Under (-) – Game outcome: 2: 0 = won

Default value: 1.5 – Tip: Under (-) – Game outcome: 2: 0 = lost

Default value: 3.5 – Tip: Under (-) – Game outcome: 2: 1 = won

Default value: 3.5 – Tip: Under (-) – Game outcome: 2: 2 = lost

These are the possibilities of the over / under bet and this exactly is what does Over Under mean?

What does Over and Under mean bets on football:

Betting Over Under is most commonly used in conjunction with goals in football. The default value is 2.5. The odds are fairly balanced in this case, as the chances of more than 2.5 goals scoring in a football match are about as high as the odds of having fewer than 2.5 goals. In addition to the default value, there are also some special bets that allow tapping on a different number of goals. For example, depending on the game, the values 1.5, 3.5 and 4.5 are also offered.

what does over under mean?
Over and under bets on football

This allows the sports bettors to place your tip very precisely. For example, if you want to be on the safe side, you choose the bet “Over 1.5 goals” – the probability of scoring at least two goals during a match is quite high, but the odds are correspondingly low.

Security :

Security in the other direction would bring the bet “Under 5.5 Goals”. In most cases, it is very unlikely that more than five goals will be scored in a match. For those who want to catch higher odds and are sure of their stats on the basis of statistics, shape curves or their own knowledge, for example, they use the bet “Over 3.5 goals”. It is quite possible that at least four goals will be scored However, the bookmakers usually classified as rather low, which is rewarded with high betting odds.

In addition to the tip on the entire game, the users usually have the opportunity to apply the over/under bet on the half time. The bookmakers then guarantee, for example, the tips “Over 0.5 goals in the first half” or “Under 1.5 goals in the first half”. Professionals who know about the halftime form of many teams can take advantage of this offer.

We have explained here about what does Over Under mean in a simple way.

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