If you are a novice in betting, you must have heard about moneyline and wondering what is the MoneyLine in betting? Here we will give you a complete information what is moneyline in Betting?

Moneyline betting
How Moneyline Bets work?

Sports betting houses use different systems to define their quotas around the world. In North America, the most common is the so-calledMoneyline . This system relates the stake with the benefit to be obtained, instead of with the prize, and clearly identifies the most probable result with the least probable by signs of precedence to value.

Moneyline bets, then, facilitate the identification of what we bet on what we earn, although at the cost of making the probability calculation difficult. But let’s go step by step.

Moneyline bets for American football (NFL) and other sports:

The money line system sets the standard odd rate in the United States for professional leagues, such as football (NFL), basketball (NBA), baseball (MLB) or ice hockey (NHL). And by extension, it is frequently used in much of America for these sports, especially for baseball.

This sport practice is very popular in many Caribbean countries like Venezuela or Puerto Rico, where it is followed with great attention not only its national league but also the Major League.

More over :

Although you think that these sports can stay a bit far, think that the American market is very liquid and this is always very relevant for serious bettors. If you are going to play large amounts, you can only do so in high volume markets.

Moneyline betting
Learn Moneyline Betting

Major Leagues :

And major leagues like MLB, and especially the NFL of American football, move it. To give you an idea, the SuperBowl is the sporting event that generates more money in the world of betting. And MLB betting also moves large numbers, especially thanks to the love of the American market to the combined or parlay.

Moneyline bets are the standard in the United States for its most emblematic sports:

It is very common that these events are very even and also define handicaps to bring the probabilities of the results closer. This means that the prizes are not too high, so it is usually very popular among the tipsters and forecasters to propose strategies with combined parlay to increase the prizes in case of hitting.

In fact, making parley has become almost synonymous with the term bet in many countries of our language on the transatlantic continent. And for that reason, knowing how to relate money line odds with decimal points is a must for every bettor who manages these sports and wants to combine matches.

So let’s first see what moneyline means, and how we can convert its value into a decimal quota.

What is the Moneyline in Betting?Money Lines or American dues:

The philosophy of odds in moneyline bets is based on giving a figure referred to a benefit of $ 100 if we bet on the favorite or a stake of $ 100 if we bet on the team with fewer possibilities.

The latter is called underdog, in Yankee slang. This differentiation makes the figures have before them a sign – or + according to whether we bet on favorite or underdog.

That is, the box that can show us a bookmaker for your money lines in a match of the SuperBowl could look like this: New England

Patriots -120

Seattle Seahawks +110

Myth :

A little strange, is not it? Does the negative value mean that we lose money if we bet on the Patriots and get it right? The negative sign only means that it is favorite and that therefore we must bet $ 120 if we want to have a profit of $ 100 if we succeed.

Difference among Moneylines and point Spread
Difference among Moneylines and point Spread

The signs mark if we are facing a favorite or an underdog:

In case we want to bet on the Seahawks, the positive sign means that the Seattle team is perceived by the public as an underdog, and therefore our benefit will be $ 110 in case we end up winning a bet with an investment of $ 100

This does not mean that we must necessarily play $ 100 each time we bet. We can invest the money we want, and our earnings will be proportional to this amount.

Example :

If at the SuperBowl we bet $ 60 on the Patriots, which would have been a good choice this year for the grand final in 2015. We will win $ 50. If we bet $ 50 on the Seahawks, we’ll win $ 55.

This way of referring directly to the stake and the profit makes that, for many, this is a more intuitive way of understanding the market situation than decimal quotas. At all times we are referring to how much money we earn or lose, without having to do any mathematical calculation to know our benefit.

Problems with Moneyline Method :

The problem with the moneyline method arises when we want to build a parlay or a combination bet. When it comes to knowing the implicit probability and our gains and losses, we will have no choice but to transform the figures into European or decimal quotas. And from there, calculate the equivalent quota to, again, transform the figure into American.

It can be handled with a little skill with numbers, but this is the subject of another article that will be published soon along with an online parley calculator that we will develop next.

This strategy to define bets avoids having to take the calculator with us to know how much we earn or invest, which can simplify our work.